Interview with Jim Garvey:

Q:  Jim, you’ve built a fabulous business with a great product and reputation.  What drew you to Landscaping?

A:  I learned to love nature growing up in New Jersey.  As a
Boy Scout earning the rank of Life Scout, I spent most of my days outside exploring the fields, woods, ponds and streams. I worked in the landscaping trade all during High School and College,
learning everyday.

Q:  Tell us a little bit about your business, White Oak Designs.

A:  Well, I started my business because I loved working with plants.
I love designing and creating beautiful landscapes for peoples properties.  We’ll be in business 30 years next year and today I still hand pick all plant materials I use on a customer’s property.  I’m always on site working hand in hand with my professional crew.

Q:  What kind of credentials led you to creating this successful business?

A:  I have a degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Meteorology from Fairleigh Dickenson University for starters.  That has helped me immensely with different types of soils, grading and drainage so I know how to deal with any problem that might arise in these areas.  I’ve also taken many courses in Landscape Design and
Horticulture and have learned a lot about where plants (Trees, Shrubs and Perennials) grow best and thrive. Because of this knowledge of plants, soils, exposures and climate zones, I can develop a plan for a customer’s property that will add aesthetic beauty as well as value to that property.

Q:  Would you like to leave us with one final thought?

A:  Of course.  My designs bring seasonal interest to any property and I always use plants that highlight the best of the Four Seasons – color schemes, foliage, contrast – so my designs work with depth and scale and are well proportioned.  All our work at White Oak Designs is guaranteed – and I aim to please!

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